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MacLean Solutions provide consultancy services to the mobile telecommunications market. We primarily concentrate on infrastructure rollout, outsource provision and change management.

The company was founded in 2002 by Ian MacLean who has spent 16 years at the forefront of mobile network rollout successfully delivering challenging projects and programmes.

Ian MacLean
lace wigs uk A Chartered Quality Surveyor, who has specialised in project management, bringing to the fore cost management and contract skills.

Ian’s wealth of mobile operator experience includes MICROTEL, which launched as ORANGE in 1994. Ian was the Head of Implementation and was responsible for delivering the launch-on-air targets.

He then spent 6 years with mmO2 (previously BT Cellnet) as Head of Network Construction and Head of Radio Programme. With mmO2 Ian honed his skills and experience in all aspects of infrastructure roll-out, from RF nominal, through to Acquisition, Design, Construction, Install Commissioning and Rigging to On-Air.

Ian also spent time with tower site provider, SpectraSite Transco, further understanding the out-source model and the economies of infrastructure provision.

Ian has recently completed managing a £77m network rollout outsource for one of the UK’s mobile operators. Ian had full responsibility for managing the outsource partner and contract ensuring maximum benefit for the operator which included guiding the operator through a major internal change programme.

Testimonials and case studies of successfully delivered projects are available on request.

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